I’ve already mentioned before, the purpose I have for this blog. It’s another base in which I can store the idea’s and thoughts for the novels that I’m writing, or thinking about writing. Not only that but it’s a base for marketing my future novel – the soon to be Timber Varden. See cover below.


It’s also going to tell you how I found out that I wanted to write and how I started. For a small portion of this information, please head on over to a blog run by a very good friend of mine, whom has hosted a post of mine as part of a virtual tour. What Inspired me to write? … Well come and see….

I’m also hosting a guest posting on my other blog. The post itself is written by Jennifer Starks, where she reveals how she came about writing. Feel free to come and check that out also.

Gradually, I’ll introduce you to my world, and the wold of Timber Varden before I come to releasing it. Should you have any questions after reading my guest post on Dom’s blog, then please feel free to ask.

Alternatively, you can find me on facebook through the link or on twitter.



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7 responses to “Writing

  1. Lol, may have to partially nick your idea and write about how I started and such!

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