Canyon Of Dreams – A Flash Fiction short story.

“Imagine a world so clear in the dark of night. Where many voids are vacant and scarce, where dreams come alive and welcome your participation. Where each dream, stems from the very same source, known to you and I perhaps, as the Canyon of Dreams. And where each wandering starlight soul enters upon the wings of adventure, ready to journey into the heart of the canyon and all it may hold. The dreamer’s world is a place of possibility and hope.” Enoch explained, his audience captivated by every word. As if each word spoken aloud were caressed in a magical spell drawing you ever deeper, and left wanting more. He could feel the anticipation oozing from them, as they divulged the information and waited with bated breath for what may come next.

“In the Canyon of Dreams, reality becomes hard to define, but in the waking world we soon forget our journey in the Canyon.” Enoch added with a wry smile as he gazed over his audience once more.

“In this Canyon… can we go anywhere we want to?” Ben asked with a twinkle in his amber eyes.

“Anywhere that your dream takes you is possible, however only a few have found ways to control their journey in the canyon.”

“Can you… I mean are you able to control your own?” Jessie asked from near the back.

“Sometimes, although I think it depends on how aware you are of when your dreaming or not.” Enoch replied as he looked directly towards her. He loved sharing his wisdom and experiences with the younger generations, such as he was doing now. He knew they would appreciate his words better than anyone else.

“Can you tell us what this Canyon looks like so that we might recognise it ourselves, that is if we become aware that we are dreaming as you said?” Ben asked again.

“Well… in my understanding this Canyon is different for everyone. For me however, I experience the depth that any canyon has to offer. Imagine The Grand Canyon, and then fill the barren landscape with grass and trees. Add to that, all the colours of the rainbow and then some. Add anything your imagination could possibly create from nowhere and have it appear in the canyon. There are many doorways to delve into, many journey’s to travel. I’ve heard the canyon be likened to that of meadows and streets. It really does depend on your own mind though.” Enoch stopped as everyone gasped in awe at once. He knew then that what he was doing was right.

“Would you be willing to share one, or some of your dreams from the Canyon?”

“Oh you got me there. Okay let me see what I remember.” Enoch responded.

The room burst into a chorus of giggles as Enoch answered. Then silence dawned once more as their eyes lit up in anticipation.

“Okay, I think I have found the right one to inspire you all… hopefully.” Enoch added to break the silence.

He then proceeded to wait a moment longer as he looked upon each tender face as they waited in earnest to hear one of his own dreams from the Canyon.

“What I’m going to tell you next, is the one I remember the clearest and you’ll not find this written anywhere. One night, after a lengthy day I succumbed to the soothing call of destined sleep. And so I ventured forth to take my calling journey into the heart of the Canyon. Once there I didn’t need to venture any further, for a man as old at time stood waiting for me. A man as wise as the ancient stars that litter our night-time skies, he called me forward and showed me everything that I needed to know, and told me that I would remember all of it when the right time became apparent. He ventured this dream not alone, for by his side stood the elegance of the wildness. There with him was a wolf so grand in stature and gentle in nature that I feared him not. It was then that he told me the following. ‘Let the dreamer dream and the singer sing and allow the dreamer to sing and the singer to dream. For in the canyon all is possible, and that’s all that matters….’”

“So when you sleep tonight and find yourself in the Canyon, you’ll journey to the ends of the earth and beyond. You’ll walk the stars and new dreams will be born. So when you wake, and you remember the dream don’t just discard it. You may be young but your dreams are born from dreams so don’t let them die or simply fade into the ending night.” Enoch uttered with a smile, as they grasped every word.


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