It’s Never Too Early!

NaNo preperations are underway. Not for Camp in June, or August, but for the main event in November. It’s not that far away when you think about it. June is knocking on our doors and soon Christmas will be upon us. NaNoWriMo last year was a blast, this year I want to match last years efforts in at least getting that 50k written in those allocated 30 days.

I will aim to refrain from ploughing through the first week and from hitting that 50k in the first 5 days, it’s not physically possible this year round due to work. But that wont stop me from getting the words in and getting the bases seen to.

Hence the planning now is underway with the idea that has been sitting with me since February. One that I really want to look at and explore but already know that I need to do some character planning, and background writing in order for it to have the effect and fluidity that I am seeking for it.

However – it’s the constant riveting churn of different idea’s that seem to formulate when you plan ahead, there the ones that seem to pin us to the ground and send us spiralling deep into thought over what to do. The ‘le sigh’ of writing, but I can’t turn any away. Just to have that flowing stream is inspiration enough and it’s showing me that I can do this. I can be the writer of my new found dreams and aspirations.

Which is sort of the issue I’m having right now. My already known plan for November is waiting for me to delve into and iron out the plot, but at the same time, my mind is being drawn to a new thought. One that struck two nights ago, that now has it’s title of prefered choice. Which do I do? Both need a lot of work in order to have them ready to start in November. The depth of these two main characters will take time in building and as previously mentioned, it’s more background story and understanding to help me better understand them.

You’re perhaps thinking that I am speaking of them as if they were real, and to a degree they are just that. Any writer writing fiction will tell you that their characters are as real to them as you are right now. In our minds we often have a mental discussion going on and more often than not, they will decide the flow of the story being written.

As I ponder over which one to go ahead and strengthen for November, I may just put my neck on the line and build both of them up. That way, if one fails then I still have an alternaive option for NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month.

To participate in such an event, means we writers must make sacrafices in order to achieve the desired targets already set before us, even before we have begun to write that first line of the newest wave of inspiration.

What we writers are willing to give up in order to feed the undulating passion that crawls through every open channel in our bodies, is hours upon hours that we should spend sleeping. Instead we throw sleep aside in this month and many others in order to fuel the fire that consumes us as we write to our hearts content.



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11 responses to “It’s Never Too Early!

  1. Lol, I’ve got tonnes of notes for mine, but haven’t hashed out an actual plan yet! D’oh.

  2. I started making notes for NaNo 2012 before diving into NaNo 2011 – where I finished the novel I started in NaNo 2010 – that novel I’ll be pitching to an agent this weekend –

  3. notlateone

    Great post. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to do NaNo, but I’m taking a 13 unit semester in the fall and November will be hectic, as it’s the last month of the semester. Who knows? I might give it a shot.

    • It’s always worth giving it a shot. Whether you make that 50k or not is a different matter. At the end of the day you are still writing, and that is what matters. Some find that the offical one in November is difficult to work around, but there is Camp NaNo in June, and again in August if that helps.

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