Oh The Choices

The First Choice for NaNo 2012 is Braevar Forest. The following is the Synopsis:

Destiny is one of the last few known descendants of Brahameer, whose very bloodline is capable of telepathic communication with the world around them. Whilst unable to communicate freely with Humanity, the Animal Kingdom is more willing and forthcoming.

A small settlement resides in the heart of Braevar Forest and it is within this pocket of civilization that destiny can be found. Her family bloodline has long since been forgotten in her mind, but not from those that surround her. Until one afternoon, she finds herself alone in Braevar Forest, facing her biggest fear straight on, straight into the eyes of a snarling black wolf.

It is here that new friendships are born.
What will this bring to her, and what will it mean for her community?
The road ahead is uncertain, as her life hangs in the balance of fate.
Will Destiny live to tell her story?

The Second Choice for NaNo 2012 is Shadow Of Death. The following is the opening:

‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.’ The words brought comfort to Michael as he sought shelter from the threatening storm and consolidated his thoughts. He had left everything behind him. His home, his friends and his life, but he couldn’t return to what he once knew. All Michael could do, was to keep pushing forward into the unknown and through the shadows in the valley. His thoughts now were his only friends, no matter how absurd or obscure they might be. Though they brought him little comfort as he considered the reason for taking flight from all he knew. Nor could they answer for his apparent state of insanity. His friends wanted him to get help, but no-one could help him, he had to work through it alone.

Character background (basis work on going)
Michael is branded, literally. A marking upon his skin for all eternity from those he considered to be close to him. The resulting factor is that he had to flee his home and remains the reason for his unwillingness to return. His friends pleaded with him over time to get some help for his apparent streak of recent insanity but he refused and they took matters into their own hands…

Having said that, there is now another option worth considering, the title of which is still unknown but that option is as follows:

Startled, Kaila shot up and out of bed as a shrill scream reverberated through the morning air. At first she assumed the sound had escaped from her very own lungs, as her dreams tormented her. With unseen hands pulling at her, tearing her apart. Scorching her soul with burning embers of coal, those very memories haunted her, endlessly.

But then she heard it once more, closer, almost shaper the second time around. Her heart pounding against her chest in a thundering pace, as if it were telling her not to go venture towards the window, but her mind and body had other ideas. She soon found herself peering out over the horizon, searching in reluctant anticipation for any clues as to what or who had been responsible for those eardrum shattering screams.

As you can see, none of them are greatly detailed and as such, I can’t continue working on them if I want to do them for NaNo. That is, unless I want to be a rebel. I think perhaps continuing the character building on each would be the best way forward for now, and allow them to take me where they need to go. Then when November arrives, I’ll at least have a strong foundation of information to work with.



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  1. See now I’m going to have to do the same with mine, lol! Dammit!

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