Brain Storming Part 2

The basic mind maps are now done for A) The Basic Idea are B) The main Character. I now need to look at it further and work out what the internal workings of the plot structure is, what the conflict is and how it can be resolved. *le sigh* Here comes the hard part. But it’s a good thing that I have 3 months of planning, plotting and ironing out the kinks!

What you see here now is that second mind map, which is more connected  to the structuring of the novel that is being planned out. At least now I can clearly see where the connections are being made. The next step after working out what the conflict is, would be to create the timeline of when each encounter/phase occures within the novel.

I’ve just realised, there’s heck of a lot of work involved in planning a novel. This might be the first and last time I do this on the scale that I have started with. Consider this a test of will power and dexterity to keep going. So far it is working, but when it becomes more complex, will I still be able to say that?



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2 responses to “Brain Storming Part 2

  1. From what I’ve seen, you’ll do great!

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