Brain Storming

Whoa! Hold on a minute there. Where do you think you’re going? Why not stop on by here a moment and brain storm this with me, or Brain storm your own ideas or thoughts with me? I won’t bite, I promise. You have my word.

Oh and a word of caution, strenuous thinking and brain storming may lead to headaches of the creative nature and I take no responsibility for those what so ever! None, zip, zilch, nada, comprende?

Okay, now that we have that in order, I bet you’re why? Why this post? Why this top exactly? Well, discussed in another pervious post, I am brain storming thoughts and ideas for my next Novel which will commence on November 1st 2012. My current focus is the character sketch for the Main character – or MC for short reference. The MC in question is known as Destiny (no last name… yet!) For this, I attempted to go down the not so ethical character sketching route and formulate her information into a Mind Map.

Each Stem defines who she is.


It might not be as clear as I would have liked it to have been. And this is only the beginning of this brain storming process. I am now about to go and create a similar mind mapping process with the plot structure of the book and use that, combined with the MC’s to make sure that all subsequent characters and sections align neatly.

What I’ve done here is put the character’s name in the middle as you can see. Then started with the branch that says Description, which branches out to features and personality and so on.

The next is Companions – the people/animals, that travel with her as the book goes on. Then it’s down to people in and around her life which have an effect on her in some way or another. So that stems out to Friends, Enemies and Family

It then goes to Places of importance, soon I’ll make note of what happens in those places, acting as a short time line. Including the names of the settlements around her. From here It then swings round to Denial and her thoughts on that, to Love, which we haven’t crossed yet, the Fear she encounters and how she overcomes it, The Situation she finds herself in, and The Animals she communicates with.

Well that’s my processing anyway. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome and so are your brain storming methods!



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  1. I know I already said this on facebook, but that’s a really good idea!

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