Where has it gone?

Where has the day gone, it just seemed to slip past me almost entirely unnoticed. After a nine-hour shift at work this morning, I had every intention of getting more planning work drawn up and some work done to the existing novel. But that never happened. I came home and unwound for an hour and half then fell into the catacombs that sleep brings to where I remained for the next 7 and a half hours. Ridiculous don’t you think?

All that forethought wasted, and on what? Well Sleep of course! It’s either never enough or far too much. In this case I’m not sure which side it teeters on. On the upside though, I have a new banner for the blog,  isn’t it just the best? I mean my cover image is up there, my tag line for my other blog and… yep even my name is on there. Marcy Rachel’s Book Covers did a fantastic job on it 🙂 Same said page will be making my cover for my other work in progress – Awakening. I’m looking forward to that one. Having said that, I better get working on it once again get into a workable format. All that writing still to be done, and then the editing – Such fun!

In the mean time, peace, love and happy reading to you all.

A bit over the top? Oh well, there could be worse things to end a posting with I suppose.



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6 responses to “Where has it gone?

  1. Looks great. Sometimes you just really need sleep.

  2. Nice banner! I am trying to be a bit gentlier with my body…and…rest when I’m tired! After a long shift…you needed a rest…enjoy!

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