Flying Fast

Good afternoon everyone. I can’t believe it’s June the 3rd already. The year is just flying past and there is little evidence to show for the time that has gone by. But that is all set to change with 3 mad months of planning ahead of me, one book needing finished and another waiting for me to return to editing it.

Where do you gather your energy from when you have such a work load along with a dozen other works in progress that are all screaming for your attention. Is it a case of which screams loudest wins, or which pulls your heart strings more?

Well despite all that, this week I will be unable to work during the most productive hours of the day due to being on the dreaded early shifts all week. Which consists of 1 – 5am start and 4 – 6am starts. I work better in the long hours of the night when the world around me is out for the count. Although, I’m sure I’ll manage to get some work done in the time that I can.

On a more productive note, today’s get post on my other blog is live and includes a very special, long awaited cover reveal. I’ll tell you this, I’m in love with that cover it is stunning. To see that post then click here and you’ll be taken straight to it. As always comments and feedback are always welcome.



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2 responses to “Flying Fast

  1. Pam Berman

    You always find a way to work, Jen….despite whatever shift you are saddled with….I am sure this week will be no exception 🙂

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