Would You Believe It?

Who would have thought that it would be so difficult to come up with a truly workable idea for a Young Adult short story based on the theme of All things Paranormal. This is a huge genre with several workable lines, but that doesn’t mean each line is right for the writer. I mean, this is supposed to be my genre. The Paranormal and all things there connected to are what I love, and is to a degree, what I am involved in when not writing or working.

So then why is it so hard to come up with an idea that is….
A) Original…
B) Captivating enough to keep the reader wanting more.

If you are able to find out that answer then could you come and seek me out, where then you can tell me what it is that I am here. It’s silly really. I have all these other idea’s, and do I write in the paranormal genre. But the idea’s I have, I know will extend way beyond the set criteria for the intended short story.

There is the Idea of writing about Vampire/Lycan hybrids – now before you say anything on this matter, I know this hybrid aspect has been covered in the Underworld Films. But that’s not the direction of the thought within my mind.
The other Idea i have begins with a girl running through the woods, following the path of a wolf whom is leading her away from danger. But… I can’t use this one as it’s part of the main base of the novel I’m planning to write in November.

So who would have thought that a mind that is full of different idea’s for different novels and story’s, is as blind to the prospect of finding one that will work for a short story as shadow is in the dark. I’m not panicking though, I mean there’s 5 months before the last day of the deadline, and in that time I’m sure I could formulate some ripple or another and place it down on paper. 5 months is a while away yet isn’t it? …

Hold on… 5 months… Isn’t that when NaNoWriMo begins in November? Okay so perhaps I was wrong on the panic stakes… I am panicking (slightly). You see I keep building up my work load that is then only pushing other matters backwards. I have a novel waiting for me to attend to its edits and another waiting for me to grace its presence in order to finish it.

So would you believe it when I say… I have everything under control?



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12 responses to “Would You Believe It?

  1. I want to believe you since I am in the same boat trying to edit, finish off one and get this short for this blog I am apart of done. It is hard since you keep seeing these ideas of the long works you have or are pending. You write many beginnings and find them all lacking what it is exactly you are looking for. But don’t give up, if not in five months maybe by the end of this one you will have something together.

    • I wish they taught – ‘A Writers Life’ in school. It would helps us to understand so much more the concepts and challenges that we are faced with through the days. I love the challenge. The exploration of new concepts and I feel relieved to find out that I stand not alone in this dilema. Yes there are 5 months before the dealine comes to an end. But I don’t want to be waiting until the last minute to write, revise, edit and submit the work when I know others are already writing away. But I will not be hounded by the doubts. I just need the focus.

      Oh indeed, there are several starts, all waiting to be seen to and it is one of these things that no one but a fellow writer can understand when you say that although it’s a good base, it’s not right for what you want to do with it at the time.

      We will get there!

  2. I know, I always have an idea for stories, but have such a hard time coming up with something that’ll keep the reader interested! Lol, you seem to be doing pretty well Jen! Can’t wait to read Timber Varden!

  3. Don’t panic, you’ll be fine.

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