Writer’s Playlist – Re-invented

Just recently, those of us within the Virtual Blog Tour group on Facebook had been asgined the task of writing about the song or songs that best represent the book that we’ve written. For me, that very task had been an easy one. There was only ever one song that best fitted the characters and that song is A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. The Video added however has been created by ThePianoGuys and is absolutely beautiful.

I do believe that I have now found a new playlist in which to write with. Considering that after having listened to many of their tracks, I’ve fallen in love with the sound they create.

And if you don’t like the slower styles then here is another one to listen to.

So having followed the links to these videos, please tell me what do you think of them?



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16 responses to “Writer’s Playlist – Re-invented

  1. I really like that Christina Perri song. How did you put a video in your blog? I’m absolutely useless with computers!

  2. mysterioussmysteries

    I never play music while writing. Too irritating to me and distracts from my writing. I even mute my tv when write.lol

    • Yea, listening to anything in the background can put people off. But I find that will one side of the brain is occupied by music, the other is focused. Without it, I’d be lost in the deathly silence of peace and my mind would scatter into the shards that litter the sky at night.

      • mysterioussmysteries

        True. But for me I have way to much going on my head.lol (In sarcastic cartoon voice) Which way do I go, Which way do I go.lol

      • Rolf, It’s good to know we writers share the same humour if in different aspects. I’m like that if I don’t have anything to occupy my mind. It’s the same for when I’m sleeping. The Silence drives me up the wall lol

      • mysterioussmysteries

        Lmao I think it’s 50/50 for me.

  3. I always find that music with any kind of lyrics in can distract me from writing. Hence my massive Halo playlist for writing

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