Short Update.

First of all, please allow me to apologise for not posting since Thursday, I’ve been shattered with work but now I’m on two weeks Holiday! Wait, why am I apologising? I never promised to post every day, only as and when it was needed, or when a thought came to mind. Ah well, what’s done is done and I refuse to change the start of this post.

Anyway, the retracted statement above is besides the point. I’m not sure what is the point however, but I do know it’s not that!

Ah, I remembered… yes, I remember. I’m posting to update on the writing progress of the short story for the charity contest. It is currently standing at just under 900 words long and already I’m wondering if I’ve hit a pacing snag but have decided to leave it to run and see where it takes me. I just hope those wings can fly!…. Wait sorry, there are no wings written. Oh let’s just forget the whole thing and get back to the subject.

I’ve no decided upon the title of the piece that I am working on and really feel that it’s right for the project. It will be known as – The Shards Of Torment, a paranormal young adult story. Here is a teaser for you:

The darkness, she was certain, wanted her soul as shadows followed her everywhere. Shadows that weren’t her own, that seemed to form from no source that she could see. Shapeless masses on the ground and walls where ever she went, even now they seemed to hover around the edges of her room. That as much she could see between the flashes of horror that filled her eyes. Each image consisted of another dream that persisted in terrorizing her now sleepless nights. Some filled with fire that licked intently upon her skin, like a giant forked tongue of a demon snake as it tasted her flesh. Others had her strapped down upon a bed of nails as a scorching hot whip lashed at her body. But one aspect always remained consistent no matter what imaged burned deep in her soul. There were always shadows and they terrified her endlessly.  

I’m scared to go back and work on it, I think I may have lost the flow that I had found only the other night. But I will re-read it until the monster of the deep decides to rear its ugly head again and work will commence once more. Until then, what are your thoughts on the section shared? What are you currently writing about?



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3 responses to “Short Update.

  1. I like it! Nice haunting name and I like the excerpt! I’m still writing “The Package”, a charity novel for Bliss. And trying to draw a cover for it. Not doing so well with it.

    • Thank you John. It took a while for the name to arrive but seemed to fit after more of it was written. I still haven’t added any more to it currently as after posting this I crashed out for the rest of the night. …. Don’t ask me about covers, I couldn’t make one to save myself which unfortunately only adds more to the out going pot than what comes in. One of these days even the self published wont be able to afford to publish.

      • Lol, that’s probably true! Have a look on, they’ve got tonnes of free stock photos you can use without having to pay for anything!

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