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We have these days were we feel that we are chasing tail all the time and getting nowhere. Then we have these days were everything is going smoothly and you’re left in awe of how well it’s gone. Well today it feels like I’m the one that’s been chasing tail. I’m so far behind with everything it is unreal. right now it feels like I’ll never reach the point I want to, that my dream will never come alive. But the I have to sit myself down in front of a mirror and remind myself that nothing will happen if I fret over it. That the way forward is one step after the other.

I could sit and fret over the work load, or I could use my time and knuckle on down and get it done. But despite having the next two weeks off work, I have to take six days out of that scheduled as I’m away on Holiday, which I’m looking forward to and will be able to get some writing done whilst away. The good thing in that aspect is that for three of those days, I’ll be without the distractions of the internet so through the night I’ll be able to occupy my mind with writing or working on the two assignments that have been set for the blog tour.

But on the upside, small progress is being made in the right direction. The short story is now up to 1,500 words long give or take a few. My only concern is that currently it might be deviating from the theme it should be into something else completely. I’m now also questioning as to whether it’s going to work as a Young Adult short story or not. Perhaps it would be better to just write the thing now and decide later whether it’s right or not for the purpose it rose for.

On another note, I have another short story to write as part of the tour that has been mentioned here before. I already know that this one will be a bit of bother for me in the time frame that I have in which to write both the story and the post that is to up the week before it. On the upside, to help us write this story we have a picture prompt to focus on which is already stirring some ideas for it.

So why I’m struggling to be where I need to be, what are you all doing? What projects have you got going on?



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6 responses to “Update Post

  1. Brilliant! Would love for you to check out my blog: http://www.giorgethomas.com

  2. Cool, how do you get involved in a blog tour? I just ave this image of a bunch of bloggers sitting on a stage tapping away on their laptops…. But then I’m mad as a hatter, lol!

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