A Reason For It

I had planned to work on the short story while being away from home but that fell out the window when the flash drive I was using literally fell apart. It’s a good thing I had the urge to back up the work from that drive to another the day before we left for our holidays. It also means that I’ll be able to continue working on it when I arrive home late tonight, or tomorrow, given time to relax. Annoying isn’t the word for planning to write and then not being able to, it’s one of these things that happen where we stop and take a break for a moment.

The break is probably the best thing right now really as I was at a point where I couldn’t work out how to continue with it without losing the captivating grip of it. << Someone else’s words, not mine. Losing grip of my reality is fine, I’m used to it. But losing grip of that story is not possible, I want it to be the best thing I’ve written in short form without having the pacing fall apart.

Not only that but I’m now behind in getting the other posts done that need to be done. One I can manage without a problem, the other will take some timing in thinking over it. I love the challenge of it all, but at the same time, I am left thinking of whether to continue or to back out…. But then I remember back to Timber Varden, where Christian constantly recalls his fathers words – Failure Is Not An Option…. To back out, would be to fail… I don’t think I could be happy with myself if I did that. It’s another matter if I work on the posts and fail to get them out there in time, at least then it shows I’ve attempted to do the work, rather than not try at all.

While I contemplate what I will do during my journey home, here is a teaser for you from – The Shards Of Torment. (A Paranormal Young Adult short story.)

There was only route out of the room, and that was the door at the far end, but there was no way she could reach it. Not with her hands chained up. Kaila tugged once more, as hard she could upon the bonds that held her prisoner. But try as she might, they would not relent there hold and remained firmly around her wrists. She was about to try again when she heard the distinctive sound of a key turn in the door. Petrified, Kaila inched backwards until she could go further as her eyes locked firmly upon the door. With nowhere to turn, or hide, Kaila could only watch in anticipation of what may come through the door.

Slowly the door creaked open inch by inch and then stopped. It was open far enough for someone to enter and yet not far enough for Kaila to see who stood beyond it. All Kaila could see were the shadows that clung tightly to the walls as they danced their way into the room and then spread out. Instinctively, Kaila pulled her knees in towards her chest as she tried to make herself as small as possible while she lowered her head and buried it in her arms. She had hoped this would help save her life, if only for a moment longer but she didn’t have much faith in that thought. And just as her head dipped further, pain ripped through her as unseen hands grappled at her back. She could feel them stretching out over her as they pulled at her. She could withhold the pain no more and released an ear piercing scream that rebounded around the room in resonance with her pain. No longer could she hold her position as the shadows reached for her ankles and pulled her until she was flat on her back. Kaila fought back as hard she could and kicked out the shadows to no avail. They were too strong for her and soon she was pinned to the ground. Unable to move or fight back, Kaila withdrew her strength and fell once more in the darkness as the searing pain consumed her burning soul.



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6 responses to “A Reason For It

  1. I like it. Very tense. Very scary shadows…

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