This is something completely different from Timber Varden and yet its essence is also paranormal. What I’m sharing with you is a section from a novel that I’m writing, and have been writing since January of last year. Progress is slower with this one but I feel that it is well worth it.

The following is an excerpt from Awakening.
(Most is speech in this one – first draft standing and will be altered in the edits.)

“Nothing significant Jason, there were small mentions but I couldn’t see anything in relation to the details. He has several other journals back at his though. I can check them out later on today.” I replied. I wanted to keep my mind busy and away from matters close to the heart, but at the same time I still wanted to feel that connection. I wanted to distance myself but still be there for Max. I was willing to do whatever it took to bring David Erikson to justice. He needed to pay for what he had done, it was his actions that killed two, and very nearly killed another two.

“We can both go Alice, I’m sure he has several to look through. I would be rather surprised if he didn’t. We can split the load between us and save some time.” Jason responded.

In that instance my mind was shouting at me to say no, that it wanted to scour the pages on its own, to devour Max’s words completely without hindrance of another. My heart resonated to the thoughts within my mind. The thought of Jason being with me caused it to grow heavy, but I knew better than to let my emotions get the better of me.

“Okay Jason, we’ll do it together.” I defied my thoughts and feelings and followed my better judgement. I knew that two sets of eyes and hands would make light work in searching through his Journals. “But….”

Jason’s head rose up as I hovered over the last word. “But what Alice?” he uttered.

“I want you to promise me that if you cross anything that has mention of me, that you don’t hide it from me.” I added as I rose up off the chair and made my way towards the window.

Pedestrians passed each other, completely oblivious to the world around them as they absorbed themselves into their routines. While I could think of nothing else other than what they didn’t know, what they couldn’t see.

“Of course I will Alice. It is not in my nature to hide such aspects from you, and this you should know by now. Nor will I go against Max’s wishes and he had asked that I hide nothing from you and it shall be as per his request.” Jason responded as I remained by the window.

“I didn’t mean it that way Jason, but thank you.” I added, my mind still thought about those down below, about what each of them faced in their own lives that caused them to act in the manner that they did. Some would push past others without turning to say sorry, others would creep along by the walls with terrified looks upon their face’s as they tried to avoid most, if not all contact. But then everything changed. Through the crowd and passing cars, I had flashes of another scene, another place showing up and replacing the thought’s I had.

“Jason….” I whispered, as the scene unfolded before me.

“Yes Alice?” echoed his reply. He seemed really away, his voice was faint.

“I… I’m in a car.”

“A car, what car and where Alice?” responded Jason.

“I’m in the back, its dark. I can’t see clearly.” I replied as the image continued.

“Tell me what you can see Alice.”

“I’m holding on to the door. Traveling at some speed, there’s two people in the front. I can’t make out who but the passenger keeps reaching for the steering wheel.”

“Carry on Alice, you’re doing well.” His voice echoed once again, only this time it was harder to hear him through the muffled voices inside the car.

“They’re arguing.”

“Can you hear what’s being said?”

“I… I think so, but the car is all over the place.” I added as the car swerved across the road.

“The swerving, is this a result of the passenger reaching for the steering wheel?”

“Yes, he’s saying something about being taught a lesson. That he had been let down… or let the side down and that he’s going to pay for what he did.”

“Who’s going to pay Alice, do you know?”

“The driver… but I can’t see his face; it’s too dark to make out.” I said, but it seemed more like a whisper through the noise, the shouting and screeching tires overpowered everything else. The movement of the car seemed to throw me around and distorted the image. It was as if it was made of water and pebbles had been thrown into it.

“Try and focus on what’s being said Alice, this could be important….” His words came in faint once more and seemed to trail off towards the end, but they remained clear enough for me to just hear and no more.

“It’s David, the passenger is David!” I exclaimed in horror.

“Are you sure it’s him Alice?”

“I’m certain of it.” I replied

“How certain, how do you know it’s him?” Jason queried as the image continued.

“The gun….” I stated. “It’s the… same one as before. Every time he brings it up, the driver seems to pull the car and then David reaches over for the steering wheel.  They’re still arguing, but it’s not clear…. It’s fading out, there’s light ahead of us, in the other lane. It has to be…. I can’t watch, please make it stop. Make it stop!” I yelled, as I closed tight my eyes in hope that it would remove the image there and then but it continued. The focus now upon the oncoming headlights in the other lane, and still the arguing continued. The words sounded slurred and uncertain as the filtered through to me. I still couldn’t make out who the driver was, but I was certain that it was the same accident being played over once again, albeit from a different view.

“Make it stop.” I yelled once more, but it was too late, it was always too late. The car I was in crossed it’s lane and faced Max head on, but it was David’s hand that forced the lane change, his other hand held the gun tightly. He was playing Chicken and risked everyone’s life in sheer vengeance. Max swerved out of the way, only for David to pull the steering wheel and slammed right into the side of Max’s SUV. The force, and where the car landed had the power to tip Max over. The bonnet seemed to almost slip underneath, and forced it upwards, colliding with doors before slamming back down on the road. Then there was nothing, no sound and no movement.

“Come away Alice, you’re safe now.” Jason’s voice filtered in through the brief moment of silence. I couldn’t make out in which direction he was. My mind seemed frozen, locked to the image in front of it.

“Hush Alice, you’re safe. Relax now.” Jason soothed. I didn’t realise that I was crying, but his hand upon my cheek seemed to break through the wall. The image began to fade before me, and the world seemed to take over once more.

I collapsed down onto my knees. The emotion from the scene was just too much to bear. I never wanted to witness that ever again. I didn’t want to see it in the first place. I could handle from the side lines, from the alley, but not that. At least now, I could understand how a smaller car could flip his SUV on to its side.

Jason slid down beside me, his arm wrapped around my shoulder as he pulled me into him. His touch was light and brought much comfort. He remained that way for as long as it was needed and he didn’t seem to mind that my tears had only made his shirt wet once again.


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