Fallen on Laurels!!!!

Frustration doesn’t begin to explain the depth of what I’ve experienced today, or the duration of my absence from WordPress. However, we’ll not get down to the nitty gritty depths of what one writer feels. Instead we can explore what hasn’t been covered in the prolonged absence, or what has been uncovered. We all have our moments and days where we are on one of life’s perpetual roller-coaster rides. Always hitting the ups followed by the sudden downward motion.

During my posting absence… which is minor when you consider the number of blogs and places to contend with and divide my time between, I’ve been doing everything BUT what I’m supposed to. You see, I have this novel and it’s complete, only it needs editing and I’ve done little to it. Well that is until this week. I’ve managed to work through the dreaded chapter 3 and re-write the bulk of it. But that has since become Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 due to its length. Chapter 4 which I’m working on now, will become Chapter 6 when I’m done. Can you see the pattern here? It seems this round of edits is more on the re-writing than cutting back, is this normal? Is this how it’s meant to be?

I dare say that I’ve been enjoying the progress, because I have and I haven’t. You see edits are pesky little things that take up far more of your time than writing the first draft ever did. Can you imagine it? You spend months writing your love childs story from start to finish, only to go back and re-write the whole thing and double the writing time as you go. Two months of writing is turning into 4 months of editing as the process has taken me so far… and I’m only on Chapter 4???

Dear lord what have I let myself in for? No one told me how long the process would take, I guess that was because: A) I would never write the book in the first place and B)… Well we know how that goes don’t we, so we shall leave it hanging there.

While I’ve tortured myself, hung drawn and quartered well and truly, I have fallen on my laurels and absent mindedly written nothing towards the short story which has a deadline. I am disorganised and unfocused in all area’s except the blog deadlines for this tour I’m part of. The last post on that was all about Writers Block. Writers around the world know how that one goes, but on a lighter note, it helped me to see a few area’s that I could work on and develop.

You want to know what they are huh? …. Well I’ll tell you. Bear with me while I analyse the consensus of information and delve into the heart of matters uncovered. Oh to heck with this, I’ll tell you another time. While we wait for that time to come, why don’t you go and read my thoughts on writers block. The link is posted here for you to check out. Happy Reading everyone, oh and don’t run into those hurdles, what ever you do!

Writers Block, do you fear it or find it a blessing in disguise. Come check out my thoughts on this very daunting prospect over on Dvora’s blog.



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4 responses to “Fallen on Laurels!!!!

  1. madisonjohns

    Wow you’re are being way too hard on yourself. We all have taken time away, but you know what, that’s not always a bad thing. You can now approach your editing with a fresh mind. Now deadlines is another matter, those need to be focused on, but it’s easy for me to say as I have none. LOL

    Editing can take so long sometimes. It all depends on where you were as a writer when you wrote your book and who you are now. I’m way better than I used to be and it flows much easier, but I’m an adder which requires me to add content on the first round edits. I work too so that’s even less time to edit. I’m working with an editor now and am only ten chapters of a 36 chapter book. It takes time and I’m not the only client my editor has. It takes patience, tons of patience. Don’t get discouraged you’ll get it there — I have faith in you.

    • Love the comment Madison, I will take your words to heart and build myself right back up again. All I need now is for life to build up with me and I’m sorted, until then I’m pleased to know I have people like you there to support me and others when we need it 🙂

      • madisonjohns

        Focus on one thing at a time not everything all at once. My mind moves a thousand miles per hour. I keep telling myself to slow down and focus on one thing.

      • I should do that, but where I am with everything, it just isn’t possible. Perhaps I should write up a schedule or something and set down times where I know I can spend working on one or the other. That might just be the key to disciplining myself better for the tasks I have.

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