Damned If You Do….

Why do we market the person behind the name, when all efforts whilst appearing successfully are all in vain?

How can you interact with friends, acquaintances and fans when they don’t appear interested?

Yes I could go around each of them and make an effort, pay it forward and all that… so why does it feel like I’m invisible on my end?

Why is it that when I question aspects – I’m either pulled down by people saying I should have more faith in myself or I’m shunned to the sidelines and left to hobble along like a three legged donkey with no aid?

Sure, criticism is good and all that, but there’s constructive and de-constructive, the latter being not wise to someone’s hopes and dreams.

Why at the end of the day, should be spend our hard earned free time and energy constantly giving to others when we feel as though nothing is being returned?

Is it so hard to say hello? So hard to give some advice? Is it that human beings in general are so self indulgent that they care about no-one else but themselves?

I really can’t see what’s going wrong, sure I’ve never been a person with many personal contacts in which to talk things over with… it’s not exactly been made easy. Everything I have, I’ve fought damned hard to have, yet still I fight for every little millimetre of movement and still feel slapped on the back of my head!

Can’t be me, can’t be someone else – Doesn’t make a difference. I’m done with being ignored, done with being cast aside like an unwanted toy, good one moment not good enough the next. I care about others and support them the best I can… yet it doesn’t seem appreciated… you know how hard that is…. I know it’s not true, yet that’s the way I feel… Seems every Good day is followed by one of these …. Meh grrr… days…

Ah well, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.



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