In My Dreams – The Review

It’s time to post a post that hasn’t been done on this blog. It’s time for a book review. Doing one, is like being back at school trying to remember all the key points and factors that we’re meant to refer back to, but in reality do we ever do what we were taught in school? I can’t remember one factor from the rest, but that doesn’t matter. Personal book reviews and reviews for authors don’t fall into such strict routines. They don’t look for the same thing over and over again. They want honesty…. your honesty. That’s all that matters.

So on to the Review. The following is something that is close to my heart. Not only is it paranormal based but it highlights aspects of the real world for many that people dismiss. In My dreams – highlights aspects of our dreams that can help us in reality albeit not based as they are within this book. It also shows an author who is acceptant of the world around them and isn’t afraid to approach that bridge and stand comfortably on it. So for me that is extra bonus points for this Indie Author. You see, I’ve always held a special connection to those that pass before us. It’s what keeps me going when I myself am not writing. The afterlife for many is unthinkable, but place it within a book and it’s all the rage! Kudos to those that do! It’s for this very reason also that the bulk of my work is based within this theme.

In My Dreams by Cameo Renae, is a Young Adult Paranormal Novel.

Elizabeth Hayes, better known as Liz to her friends and family, suffers a fate worse than death. She is held tightly by her dreams, dreams that are visions of foresight. Dreams that reveal events that have yet to happen. She doesn’t know that they will when she has them, but from her past experiences she knows not to dismiss them.

When the life of her friends, and herself are endangered, she must remember the way out that her dreams revealed to her. But she doesn’t just rely on her dreams. She has Michael to help her. Her friend since childhood, and boyfriend of 4 years would never let harm befall her if he could help it.

But what happens when Liz wakes from a dream so real? When she wakes to her phone ringing, the caller on the other end gives her some bad news that she finds very hard to accept. Another dream of hers has come to pass, and reality breaks before eyes. She now finds herself in danger and must trust her dreams even more.

In My Dreams is a heart-breaking tale bound by love and compassion, wrapped in forgiveness and sorrow. From the moment you turn that first page, you will be left grasping tightly as you yearn to know what will happen. In a world where love is stronger than you can imagine, the lives of those affected will be changed forever – and with it your perception of your own reality.

Cameo Renae has done a wonderful job in creating fluent characters that you could trust and bond with. Characters that you can connect with from the start, is a hard thing for writers to portray but Cameo managed it with apparent ease. Such ease to the reader is hard for the writer. Credit given where credit is due. This is one writer to keep your eyes open for in the future!

In My Dreams keeps you turning through the pages waiting to see what happens next. It has you firmly locked upon its pages as you pray for Liz to survive, but the question is… does she? For that answer you’ll need to go and read the book to find out!

I give this one 5 out of 5!
Have you read this one? If so, what are your thoughts on it?



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2 responses to “In My Dreams – The Review

  1. Crystal Clifton

    Well I want to say this book was the first and only book that has ever kept me in tears and in my book thats a damn good book. Cameo is an awesome well versed writer and this book is one that will stay with you for days to come. I so love this book and recommend everyone read it because of the fact that it is so close to the heart it is believable. I can not wait for part two next year.

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