Strike Action Pending

What a morning! It seems that waking up early is no longer a reasonable excuse to get some reading done for reviews that are long awaited. Today is of no exception. I woke up just before 8am to a note sitting on my computer screen (from my muse of course) It seems I’m being punished for spending more time relaxing than I have done writing. You see first of all my muse and I have thrown some random conversations at each other, then he accused you guys of not being real and that I was one stop short of a long term stay in the padded cell.

Hmmm… Perhaps that’s not such a bad idea after all – I mean I could get some peace in that padded cell with no way to write… unless he made a deal with the guards… Darn it! You know what, I think he did. I’m sure he would. Let me not concentrate on this matter right now as currently I have a more pressing issue to contend with. You see this note, I must take seriously. Said note reads…

Dear Writer,

Due to months of literary abandonment your friends have threatened strike action. It seems even they believe that you would rather talk to a world of illusion than you would talk to them. I must say here that I agree with them, but you have made an effort over the last couple of days. However more needs to be done. This issue needs resolving of they will find someone else to tell their stories.

Do you remember Alice’s pain and how you’ve left her hanging in a world where her best friend is in hospital in an induced coma? Do you not think it would be nice for her to know either way as to what happens to Max? You owe it to her to finish what you have started.

Then you have Christian, the writer who struggled for so long. He ploughed through and made right his wrongs. But even now he waits for you to fix his story and make right your wrongs within it. Not to mention Sati, the beloved wolf that I know means the world to you. Do you think this could be rectified?

Then we have Kaila here, wondering what the hell is going on in her life. Who are all these shadow people? What do they want with her? Why does she have all these marks on her skin yet her mother can’t see them? I’m sure she’d like to know the outcome… I know others would too.

Like Eric in Timber Varden, I’m willing to give you some more time in order to make a dent into this workload but your friends and I are not going to wait forever. We need to find you a consistent working balance and you need to learn to divide your time up more. So what say you? What will it be?


                Sargent Muse

P.S – Get Writing!


I fear he may be telling the truth here. To write or not to write, that is the question. The answer is one we all know so it needs not saying. We shall see what happens. For now, I’m off to try and rectify a situation before it escalates further and try make right those wrongs as my muse puts it.

If he comes looking for me – I’m not here, I never was here. You haven’t seen me. Okay?

Good. I’m gone!


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