Goodbye, My Friend.

November, you have been good to me for a second year running, but our time together has come to an end all too soon once again. Only now do I realise the fun that we shared together, and the mountains we had to climb. We battled the northern winds as we defended our keep from the threatening onset of winter. Standing strong we held fast to the shelter over our heads as the rain pelted every orifice as it dared destroy the bond we held so close. A month together is never long enough when time is denied for hours at a time, but we survived the distractions and held true to our words. The deadline was met with ease, but the ride was far from over as we continued to strive for every inch of ground we could gain.

Alas, December has arrived and we must part ways now, our time together will never be forgotten. I will see you again, someday. Will you have me then, as you have held me close these last two years? For you have become the saviour in my darkness, the shelter in the storm, and you have held my hand through the struggle of words. Together, we have seen the world change through the eyes of a writer and we have crossed boundaries that we have never thought possible. Without you, I doubt I would hold the achievements that I do now.

But as Winter dawns, I can only look back at the memories we shared and the life that had grown between us. My friend, it saddens me that I must say my goodbyes to you now and hope with all hope that I will see you once more.

Truth is, I’m finding it hard to accept this turn of events as I think back to the dares we endured, the trauma we induced and the adventures we set upon. What will lay in wait for me now as you leave me cold and alone in the endless darkened nights that encroach upon my door. I wish not to lose you, but I know that this must be the end of our friendship for it is set that your time has ended and December must begin.

Goodbye, my trusted friend, until next time – the adventure awaits.


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