Not Time To Say Goodbye

This post is a poem I had written two years ago, in memory of a friend who had passed a month prior to writing. I had to go digging through old posts in the forum it was posted in order to find it as for some strange reason I didn’t save it to my computer.

Not Time To Say Goodbye

When the time finally comes to say Goodbye,
It shall not be uttered from a single soul,
For now, it’s not the end, only your beginning,
It’s time now for you to be once again whole

And your journey ahead of us does begin.
For you will always be our growing rose,
A triumphant symbol of hope you have given us
To show how dreams and life really flows

That when we see the brightest star above at night
Our hearts cry out for it’s our dearest loving star
A diamond with a gift that no-one could compare
For all that you were, and all that you are.

The time is not now, in which to say goodbye
Only, that for now this is where our paths part
But one day, someday soon, we’ll cross paths once more
Until then, you will always remain deep in my heart

You lived through all life’s pain, torment and suffering
That road for you has now ended, and all pain now gone
It’s with deep regret that we must say farewell for now
And rest with love until we meet again, upon a new dawn

For the call was made and you’re needed back home
Our hearts are not broken only missing your tender hold
But you’re a grand example of a loving Angel now
Free to move, for you’re a soul that was ever so bold

Rest well dear Angel, up above in loving light
Your old journey is now gone, another one awaits you
We shall treasure everything about you in our hearts
And still it’s not time to say goodbye, but time to start anew

Jennifer Don © 2011


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