A Moments Thought

After watching two video versions of one song tonight, I felt compelled to assess the life that surrounds me. The song itself I’ve only recently heard and felt connected to it straight away. There are a few reasons as to why I connect with it, an at first you may think the main reason is strange, but when you watch the first video here, you will see that I am not the only one to feel something similar. Although, in fairness, those that you will see don’t attribute that feeling to the video.  So before I go any further, press play on the first video, and listen to the song and what people have to say.


How touching was that? The way people think, changes your perspective. What you thought was major in your life, may now seem so trivial in comparison to some of the things mentioned in the video by people all around the world. Or perhaps, you have more to say, something you want to add. I know I do, but at the same time, I can’t help but feel that what I want to say is pointless and only felt by myself. That however, I know to be ridiculous as many others have felt the same or similar to that of myself.

First of all, I have the world to be thankful for. For supportive parents who have always encouraged, whom have always been through no matter what and for always knowing the right things to say, I couldn’t have asked for better parents than them. I love the world and what it beings, even though I hate some of the out comes that arise. Take for instance the death of my beloved friend, muse and inspiration. Fair enough, she had four legs and was covered in fur, but she was way more than just a dog. She had a life, she had a meaning – she had my heart and now she is gone.  This song makes me think of her, of the last hours we had together, knowingly and yet unknowingly at the same time – that I’m afraid is one of life’s moments that I cannot ever explain to anyone.  It makes me think of her being free and being able to visit, yet having to rush off again before I wake. My dreams are with her, my waking world is lost without her. But her memory lives on, she has changed my world for the better and has made me a better person in the long run.

I’m sorry, I’m drivelling on a bit here but the song really does give me that attachment, it reminds me of her in a way such is the sentimentality within the works that Adam sings so perfectly. You’ll notice that one person in the video said he wanted to be a writer, and to me it shows the song, or something about daylight has spurred that desire and passion within him – I’d love to tell him to go ahead and do it and never look back, but chances of me ever meeting this man in which to do so is slim to non-existent. However – if he does so happen to ever see this then I’d urge him to go for it and keep going with it even when the light fades and you fear the shadows that loom over you in your desperation to fill the page with words. Always feel the passionate fire that burns under the surface and push them backwards. Keep pushing them backwards until you see the light again. You never know – what you may right may be the one piece of motivation someone else needs to change their life.

Life is all about change. It is all about adaptation and evolution. To continue to strive in life, we must adapt to our ever changing lifestyles. No longer can we sit idly by and allow the life we are meant to life – to pass on by blindly as we wait for it to come to us. No. If we want something done, then we must be that force in life to go ahead and do it. Even if it is just something minor – something that we think we can’t do alone – but we can… or at least part of it. For who knows, once you start, others may follow and help. It’s that change reaction that can turn the world in a new sweeping direction. A touch of compassion, a soft caring moment can be the life changing butterfly effect one person needs. That one pebble thrown into the ocean is enough to send ripples stretching outwards, interacting with other ripples and waves as they criss cross across the sea.

You see, the change may only be small – but it could have an even bigger effect that what you first realised. What changes in your life, could be the very strings that can make or break you. Have a think about it.

What do you take for granted in life?

What do you miss in this world?

What makes you happy?

What do you love?

What don’t you like?

The world is yours to take hold of, to love and appreciate.  Make the most of it.




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