Power of Music

Isn’t it rather amazing how the most simplistic of tunes can account for so much emotional attachment?

If you listen long enough you will find yourself moving with the music you are listening to. Or at least, admiring the soulful song that plays sweetly in your ears.  There are some pieces out there that have you shedding tears for the ones you have loved and lost while there are some that have you up on your feet, only to dance the night away. Others give you reason to smile, while some have you turning the other cheek.

There is that certain song out there that reminds you of a scene in a book, a scene from a movie or even your first kiss with someone you love. The way we admire music, is an admiration like no other. Yes, some will say we can admire music like we admire books, but isn’t that a different sort of admiration?

I mean you wouldn’t walk into an art galley and admire work by Van Gogh in the same light as you would Monet. Two different painters with two invariably different styles shouldn’t be compared in the same frame of mind – so why should we compare music and books in the same form?

Truth is – we shouldn’t. Music is music, it’s uplifting, it’s depressing, it’s what it is. Books are the same in context but a book can’t compare the same, it can’t be appreciated the same and yet, it can touch you almost the same way music does.

But wow, when it touches you, it really gets in there.

Take, Ludovico Einaudi for example.

He is a classical pianist and his music to some come across as being sombre and depressing… but to me, there’s something about the way he plays. There is passion and emotion in his music and when listened to, they create works of art in the mind. They strike emotional chords that you perhaps never even knew you had. But, he doesn’t compare to the likes of Beethoven….

It wouldn’t be fair one either of them. They both come from different backgrounds, different walks of life and different time periods. But they do have something in common – a love of music and you can feel it when you listen to it. Listen to both songs with your eyes closed and feel the art weaving together in your mind. Feel how your soul reacts, how your mind opens up and how your heart responds.

There is power in music, and music in power. There is music in words and in works of art, but no words could compare to the power music has on the mind.



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4 responses to “Power of Music

  1. Wow Jenn, thanks for tagging me on FB and alerting me to this post. You are so correct. Music is an art form that digs down to the deepest levels of our being.

    Excellent stuff!

  2. This will sound a bit quirky, but music is the universe in motion. The vibrations seem to stimulate the human being at the molecular and even deeper levels. It is a very powerful form of art. Music has the ability to stimulate emotion like no other. Great post.

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