First of Many

This month sparks the first of many in a long road to a dream come true. I can’t give out the specific details right at this moment in time, but as soon as I can I will. The rooftops shall be raised in bouts of triumphant chorus and the birds will sing all day long – okay so they wont be, not really.

Everything changed direction as of three weeks ago. Moving forwards positivly and long may it remain so. I sold my first ever logo design to a new, fast growing, publishing company. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever hope, or consider doing such a thing, but the action happened and from there I’ve had something else arise that I thought was going to take years. Now I know for certain that it wont take years, it has given me a boost in my life having had the worst possible start to the year.

In the space of 6 weeks, I had to go through the traumatising, emotional sad goodbyes to both of my beloved dogs. One we lost so suddenly to a quick illness that took all of us by surprise. The other we had to make the hardest decision and have him put to sleep. His health was worse than we had hoped. His test results came back and there was nothing the Vets could do for him. As much as I miss them, their love and affection still powers me on even now. They will forever remain my inspiration.

But one month after having to make that choice, I received an email that turned everything around. Almost as if it has put my feet back on the path it was intended to be on having wavered so long in self doubt. It was an email that inspired creativity and boosted the confidence in many ways. It is one that I will never forget in a hurry, and I know you’re dying to know what it was but I must hold onto that information for a little while longer.

I know, I know – I’m bad, I’m a tease – I’ve been told it all my life. Not that my life is as old as people seem to think.

Just keep watching, keep returning. The news will be shared soon.


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