Turning Tides.

The turning of tides has began. Life now moves in the direction of dreams once laid out many moons ago. New hope has been found in the whirlwind of doubt and light shines in the darkness where it had once left.

What do I mean by that?

Well, I’ve started going along to the Local Writers meetings that happen once a month in my small town. So far, there has been two and the third is a week on Wednesday. Each week we discuss matters in the writing world, new contests, new events – anything that might interest a fellow writer in the group. Each month when we close up, we are left with a focus word/topic for the following writers meeting. From that we are set the challenge of writing 500 words based around that word. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be neat. Nor does it have to be written like you were writing an article for a newspaper or blog post. You write what you feel is to be written from that topic.


At the end of the first meeting we were given the topic focus – Freedom To Write – this was a good topic to work with, however, I never managed to write 500 words based on that. I had so much going on in my life that I just couldn’t find the time to focus on it without something else creeping up to snatch any trail I had found, away. The hope to write was lost in the shadows that surrounded my waking moments.

I did not allow my inability to write on that topic the power to suede me from returning to the second meeting. I went and everyone understood why I couldn’t focus enough for it – these people are amazing by the way. Best group I’ve ever encountered and have a wide range of experience in the writers world.

As I said, I went along and they shared what they had written about, and we discussed events through the year that might interest people. We talked about writing a screenplay and passing it on to one of the local groups to put on – this interested me, but I felt put off with it at the same time. I’ve never written a screenplay before, I don’t know what’s involved with it. I’m not sure I can ever do it, but I will give it ago along side them. I will not say no until I know that it is something that I cannot work with.

At the end of the meeting our focus topic was given after much debate. We were given The Ides of March/Spring to focus on. Now, I know nothing to very little on the Ides of March aspect, I felt it just went way over my head and so I had decided to run with the Spring focus for my writing this month.

After receiving a positive email on the 13th, I was left feeling inspired and eager to write. And I did. Twenty minutes later I had my 500 words written, I then re-read over and edited out the errors that I could see and still managed to make 500 words on the nose. The title for said piece shares the same title as this post and you can read those written words right here.

Turning Tides

                Winters thaw lingers onwards as the nights grow brighter. New shoots of life ever abundant now fight to break free into this world.  Those tentative first steps of new youth spread wonder and amazement through our eyes. Nothing gives us more joy then seeing our little furry bundles tumbling into the wilderness with wide eyes. They carry caution in their steps and so they should, for our life is hard.

                Men fear us, and threaten us so that we are on the verge of near extinction. But we have done nothing wrong, unless our survival, our fight to stay alive is what they fear most. They hunt us for our pelts, and for what reason? Do they wish to be us as they wear our kin on their backs, as our fur lines their beds at night? They are no better than us, no different to us.  So what if they walk on two legs, and we on four.  They could never be as fast as us, not on those scrawny legs.

                Our young deserve to live as much as they do, if not as much, then more so. We aren’t the ones stepping out into their territory. They encroach on ours and think nothing of it. Our vastness grows smaller, like our numbers, as they spread like wildfire. Mankind has become the new virus to devastate the earth, and our young shall forever pay the price of their wanting, greed and dominance.

                Their power hungry ways however, shall be their weakness. They don’t see it yet, but over the years, they have taken us from the wild. We were welcomed into their lives and were tamed to obey them. Over the years, our ancestors changed and stood faithful at their sides like the cowardly creatures they have become.  Dogs are still wolves you know. They are us under the surface, and one day they will rise and re-join the packs of old.

                When the call to hunt is raised, all who hear the mighty sound shall feel the urge to run and be free. Dogs will turn on their masters, and they will beg for our mercy. We will scrutinise them, and perhaps taunt them for their weakness, but they will be one with us once more. For today it begins, our new young cubs are the first of many fighters to come. They are today’s tomorrow. They are our only hope.

                With spring in the air now, our hopes grow ever resilient. We must remain as hidden as possible as our cubs grow strong and wise. Our teachings of old will become their teachings of new. They will step forth into this world when the time is right and reclaim what was once ours. Nothing will deny us the power that we hold. We are wolves, and this land is rightly ours.

                We are born of the wild, and the wild flows freely in our veins. Today is their day, but tomorrow shall forever be ours.

Having read it again, I think I could expand on this piece and perhaps work it into something longer, but I need to finish all my other projects first. I’d be interested in hearing what you think about it, and about what might do with changing.


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