Terrors In The Dark

It has been a while my friends, since I last posted here. A while since I could share something remotely worth sharing. That is until today. I opened up the blog and sat with something in mind to write. But that all changed. My fingers tore away at the keys and created a world beyond my thought and opened the door to another story that could be written when all else is done. A world dominated by fear and lesser beings that have taken over the earth we have come to know. A world where those that were strong, are now weak and humiliated. But in this world, not all hope is lost as darkness dares consume everything and everyone until no light shall ever remain.

And here you have it….

The days had drawn darker, the light vanished and the world slipped through my fingers in the blink of an eye as I did nothing. I had become as helpless as a new born babe cradled in its mother’s arms. I had become defenceless in a darkened world that brought new terrors in the night beyond nights. Terrors that were unspeakable, and until now, they were unheard of. Shadows lined the streets as the sharp cold of fear cut through you like you were nothing but soft butter. No matter how strong you thought you were, this new world told you otherwise. You were weaker than the lesser beings that now roamed freely, weaker than even the weak had been before it all changed. In this new world, you were nothing.

Fear ruled this new world, and the darkness came with it. They had become the strongest of allies as the strong that had been, were incinerated into piles of ash before the horrified eyes of those that supported them. It was a gentle reminder that we were no longer the beings that could run freely in this world. No. A new power was at hand, and we had only two options. Bow down and worship this new power, or turn and run only to face the certainty of death in the shadows.

You could not deny what you could not see. And this, was our greatest fear for a long time as we coward in corners that still held the warmth of dancing fire light. As helpless as we had become, we held a secret. In the darkness we had grown wise and through our fear we grew brave. The hope we thought we had lost, now returned to us slowly. New strength swept over us as thoughts of rebellion and war caressed our minds each night. On our own, we could nothing, but with our new allies we could win back the world that we lost so easily.

A new adventure this way comes…



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