Day FOUR: Bloody Wolves…

I’ve been roped into responding to this blog via a friend who wishes to remain anonymous… or rather under a pseudonym of Dusky Howler. Check the blog out!


Wolf Siren here again!

Sorry for missing yesterday…seems after my little fainting spell Red and Silver weren’t letting me out of their manky wolf sight…well. Apart from when I had a bath, but even then…there was that small sigh and grunt when one of them flopped against the door.

I was almost drawn to growling myself! Sleep wasn’t easy either…but on the upside, I was excused from classes…

…and so were my two wolf guards.

Did you know that wolves take up a lot of room?

I didn’t!

I threatened to skin them both, but even when they skulked and sulked until I relented.

Yes, I know. Some exposé I was writing. I was stalked by wolves that had no sense of privacy!

I decided, since I couldn’t get on the computer yesterday, I’d read ahead in lycan history.

Wanna know a secret? These ‘wolves’ are insane.

They were given…

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