Untold Promise – Blog Tour

Untold Promise blog tour bannerTitle: Untold Promise

Series: The Inhuman Chronicles #2

Author: Caitlin Hensley

Genre: YA paranormal fantasy

Number of Pages: 358 (paperback)



Haily Long’s life has been turned upside down. As she struggles to make sense of her new status as teenage witch, she experiences a series of psychic dreams about a man with a knife, whose one goal seems to be butchering her on a cold metal table. On top of that crisis, eccentric British vampire Luke wants to teach Haily witchcraft, her boyfriend Nathan is acting weird, and her annoying housemate Jake is acting weirder. Also, it seems very possible that Haily is seeing dead people. Secrets are uncovered, friendships are betrayed, and the psycho with the knife is closing in for the kill. It’s up to Haily to decipher her visions before it’s too late…

Untold Promise


“Be careful tonight, Long,” Jake says.

“Why?” I ask, rubbing goose bumps from my bare arms. “Worried I’ll break my head on my pillow?”

He drags a hand through his hair. “I don’t know what’s going on, but something feels weird tonight.”

I roll my eyes. “Are you trying to be mysterious?”

“I’m serious, Long. There’s a weird smell.”

I think of Nathan’s similar behavior when walking me home earlier, and raise my face to the inky sky. The chill breeze stirs around a medley of scents like grass, pine needles, and dog pee; nothing really odd.

“Just promise me you’ll be on your toes,” he says. “That you’ll be careful tonight.”

I stare at him, watching the way the breeze ruffles his hair. He’s not joking for a change, which means he’s very serious about the situation, whatever it is. “Okay, fine. I’ll be careful.”

He hesitates. “If you need anything, just yell.”

I snort. “Not likely. I can defend myself, Jake. Even from phantom dangers conjured up in that twisted mind of yours. But thanks for the offer.”

Though I’m not worried by his random warning, I frown a little as I go inside.


How long have you been working on Untold Promise?

About three years. I didn’t start working on it until I produced a draft of the first book in the series (Paranormal Legacy) that I felt happy with.

How long did it take for you to write UP’s first draft?

Only seventeen days, actually. That’s the fastest I’ve ever finished a book, and before it got trimmed down, UP used to be 90,000+ words. I’m still not sure how I managed to complete it so quickly; one of my friends thinks I must be an alien or a mutant.

How many books have you written?

I’m in the process of writing number fourteen, not counting several unfinished manuscripts.

Who is your favorite character in Untold Promise?

Jake’s definitely my favorite. He’s a slightly sarcastic hawk shifter, and his character’s a lot of fun to write. In this book, more of his backstory is revealed, so I’m excited for people to read about that.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

A little of both, really. I don’t like to write a full outline beforehand, because that feels to me like writing the story twice, so I usually just type a loose summary of what I want to happen in the book and go from there.

Do you plan to publish any other books?

Well, Untold Promise is book two of The Inhuman Chronicles, so I plan to publish all five books of the series. I’m also going to publish three sequels to my novelette Together Alone. And after that, who knows?

If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be? What would you use it for?

It would be cool to fly. Then I could travel wherever I wanted without worrying about the traffic. 🙂


About the author:  Author photo shadowed edges

Caitlin Hensley has been telling stories since she learned to hold a pen, and is pretty much obsessed with writing. She’s the author of The Inhuman Chronicles, as well as the novelette Together Alone. When not typing frantically on her laptop, she’s usually dancing, catching up on reruns of her favourite TV shows, or getting lost in a great book. She lives with her family and a slightly nutty Chihuahua in rural Oklahoma, where she often stands outside watching the clouds for signs of tornadoes that might veer her way.





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