Wolf Anthology Submission Call

Good Sunday fellow readers and writers!

I have for you a little treat, a little adventure, and hopefully a little writing inspiration. Before you, I behold the details to a new, and unique submission call for short stories and poems. This is a brand new adventure and we are not undertaking this lightly. There are currently two of us, promoting and pushing for submissions whilst we seek a third individual who may be willing to help promote as well as judge the quality of submissions for us.  I’ll not keep you from reading what it is about.

Go forth writing minions of the world and delve deep for those submissions. You know you want to!

Submission Details

Gather your wolf poems, shuffle your stories into order and be prepared for a wolf anthology unlike any other! Without any shape-shifters or anthros, be prepared for the harsh wilds of the forests and the snows of the north – for the hurried hunt and the gathered knowledge of the pack curled close while waiting out a blizzard…for the moon to rise and the song to lift into the sky…

1) If choosing to submit only poetry entries, then you have up to a maximum of 4 entries at your disposal. Your work must be edited and prepared for submission as we cannot guarantee being able to do this for you with our work load and time frame.

2) If entering only short story entries, then you have up to a maximum of 2 entries at your disposal. We ask that your stories are no less than 1000 words in length and no more than 8000 words. Again, we request that you thoroughly read through your work and make the necessary editorial changes.

3) If entering by short story and poetry, then you have a maximum of 1 story entry, and 2 poetry entries. We ask that your story is no less than 1000 words, and no more than 8000 words. Again, we request that you thoroughly read through your work and make the necessary editorial changes.

It is a MUST that you edit your own work before submitting them for this anthology as we seek the highest standard you can offer.

We regret that we cannot accept any stories featuring the following: Shape shifters, Anthro Wolves (Humanoid Wolves) Werewolves, or any wolves attacking human kind. Stories featuring these will be null and void. We also ask that you think carefully of your story setting and ask that it is suitable to be read by anyone of any age category. That means we cannot accept any stories featuring: rape, incest or bestiality.

All proceeds from this Anthology, and any thereafter in this base, will go in its entirety to: Artisan rare breeds You will be given credit for your work. When submitting your work for this anthology we express that you state in your submission that you fully understand that you will be given credit only for your story and that we cannot give out any royalties to you as much as we would like to.

Once you have prepared your entries and they are as fine-tuned as you can make them, send them on to wolfanthology@gmail.com .

We ask that your entry be included in the email, and NOT added as an attachment, that you add your name and the title of your story/poem with pertaining word counts.

We require separate emails for each entry. Again, we also ask that you have written within your email submissions that you grant the permission of your work to be used.

Email subject lines must state: Wolf Anthology Submission.
Work added in this way cannot be accepted. You have from now, until December 1st 2013 to write and submit your entry. Work submitted after this deadline cannot be accepted.



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2 responses to “Wolf Anthology Submission Call

  1. Shared a few places. Sounds interesting. May it be a great success.

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