The Wolves

A thousand times, we’ve tempted fate,
A life at dawn, we just can’t wait,
The hunt is on, oh can’t you stay,
The force of nature, on its way,

The time has come, oh hear us out,
Fear our teeth as we shout out,
The force of the hunt, is surely on,
The war of life has just begun

Hear our snarls, so loud and clear,
See the points of teeth so near,
Hear our pleas, now turn around,
Head back home, don’t hunt us down

Hear us now, we’re just like you,
To live a life, this right is true,
Born to survive, to hunt and flee
This right we have, oh can’t you see?

We have young, and we have old,
Our claws are sharp, our pack is bold
Let us live our life so free
To sing our songs, please leave us be

Give us our space, don’t tempt our fate
Oh leave us now, don’t make us hate
A life that’s free, that’s all we seek
Don’t bind us now, don’t make us weak

Hear our songs, they fill the night
We sing to the moon so full and bright,
How would it be, if we were gone?
No songs from us, what have you done?

Jennifer Don © 2014



Filed under Informative

3 responses to “The Wolves

  1. Why can’t I write poetry like this dammit? 🙂 It’s brilliant Jen!

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