Stepping Forward

Another year has passed us by in the blink of an eye. A year, that for me, seemed rather uneventful and the result was an absence from mainstream contributions. It’s a sin, it really is. I should have done more, worked more, written more. It didn’t happen. I’m sorry.

So let us step forward, away from what should have been, and step into the now. The future is here, and changes are happening. 2015 will be the year of great change on my behalf – and you are invited to come and step up with me. This year will see more posts, and more writing being done. It has to happen.

If I want to be serious about being a writer then I truly have to up my game, and push myself further. Last year was pitiful to say the least, it’s time for change. Part of that change comes the journey of writer challenges. My writing partner and I have put our heads together and worked out a plan of attack for the year ahead. Each Wednesday we have vowed to sit and work on a challenge from one of several writing books we have on our shelves. Along with this, we aim to have at least one short story written a month to a different genre.

I’m sad to say that this months story challenge has fallen through, and while the idea is there, the words aren’t being written. I aim to resolve this, but the story may not be done in time for posting. I’ll keep you updated on that. So, moving on. Wednesday just gone, we witnessed the first of the years writing challenges and both agreed to work on a character driven challenge from Wonderbook: The illustrative Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction. From here, we turned to page 191 of the book, and read over the challenge. This is what it gave us: Write a Paragraph describing someone you know well using only attributes of one particular animal.

At first we made the very wrong assumption that the task at hand would be a breeze. Oh how wrong we were. Never make assumptions people, never. You may be thinking, but that’s easy – believe me it isn’t. It took some careful thinking. I had to go through everyone I knew, and work out who I knew really well. Then I had to visual them using the attributes of one animal. The resulting paragraph is rather rough, but the challenge was completed. You can pass your own judgements on it.

The paragraph is as follows:
He would always hang back, surveying the crowd ahead of him. He’d look one way, and then the next. You could see his eyes narrowing, filling with focus, his body on high alert. His shoulder would twitch with agitation in an unfamiliar situation. If there was even the slightest hint that something could go wrong, his body would tense and he’d drop back further. His shoulders would roll, and his jowls would curl up, revealing the slightest hint of a snarl.

As you can see, it could use some work, but the point of the task is to just let the words flow. Why don’t you give it a go and see what you come up with? Share your paragraphs with us, or keep them to yourselves, but if you do try it then know you are welcome to leave a comment on how you got on.

Hopefully you’ll see more posts coming up within the next few months. You can walk this journey with me, or you can keep on keeping on.

Until next time, happy writing!



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6 responses to “Stepping Forward

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  2. I love how interesting yours is! Very mysterious, and a real change for your style!

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