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I know, I know, I’m not supposed to be on here. I’m supposed to be working on that Utopian short story as the challenge deadline looms. Truth is, Utopia doesn’t like me very much. It has turned it’s back to me and cast me off into distant lands to fend for myself – the story that has been started seems to have drifted that way also. However, I will make more process with it.

Though, that update isn’t really why I’ve turned to writing this. I need to write, and it seems this is a good way to warm up the fingers. Aren’t you lucky?

Hey! I saw that eye-roll. Yes, I’m talking about you, sitting back there. Yes, you can shake your head but it’s true. You see, I’ve been lacking in the writing front the past year, and it’s taking a very long time to get back into the swing of things. Lesson here being: Don’t take breaks thinking you’ll get right back into it tomorrow, and never do. Always aim to write each day. Even if it’s only a sentence or two. I’ve heard this helps. Therefore, I’m putting it through it’s paces with great interest.

The biggest issue I’ve had has FullSizeRender(1)been the lack of writing space, despite buying a new desk last summer. It didn’t go up until mid October – all ready for NaNoWriMo – that was a big must. But then disaster loomed, and struck swiftly as November trickled to an end. You see, we had a leak, and that leak wasn’t going anywhere – no, it decided it’s take the ceiling above the desk and bring the two much closer together. Needless to say, that left the desk out of bounds for some time. But, I’ve reclaimed that space! Yes, the desk is back in use, and so the muse is being called to the forefront of word battles.

But, that isn’t the reason for this post. No. The real reason is finding the right journal to write in, to keep ideas in, and to hold all the challenge paragraphs written over the year. I’ve heard this is another way to help encourage the creative flow. So we’re putting this to the test. Or rather, I am. But the biggest challenge for this, naturally, is finding the right journal for your needs. We writers tend to have an addiction to them, but most of the time they sit and make the place look pretty. FullSizeRenderObviously those are the ones we’re to scared to mess up. Which means more journals needed buying, yes some were still wrong for the need being sought, but I still bought them. Those moleskine journals are wonderful for every writers needs. It took a while, but I eventually found the one to fit my need. Yes, the hard-cover ones are fantastic, but they are nothing compared to the flexible soft cover ones. Acid free, and no margins – the perfect implement for experimenting with creating a writers journal. They grant the writer room to breath, to make use of the whole page, and to just be creatively free when writing.

Having found one that worked for my needs, it was time to put it to good use. So far, it’s working out pretty well. So well, in fact, that I went back and ordered another two journals from the same person so that I had more for when they are needed. These will cater for research tools, and idea libraries as the months progress. For now the journal is but new, but I’ve made use of it, and for now it seems to be agreeing with the muse. He seems to like the idea – next step: bring the characters closer and make them both work together.

I’ll just peel off one of those sticky post-its, and stick it to the front of the journal being used. May it be the constant reminder that no excuse of not writing is acceptable. That nothing else is allowed to be done until at least something is written. That said something also needs to be more than two sentences long for it to truly count.

IMG_1448What I want to know is, do you have a set system that keeps you writing?

Do you track your progress in a journal?

Do you have another way to keep the muse at peace, and keep the characters close?

I’m rather interested to know the other processes out there. It’s always interesting to see, and learn, how other writers keep writing.

Until next time. happy writing!


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