Braevar Forest

Braevar Forest is just one of the current projects I am working on. Here, you will see the synopsis and current cover.


Destiny is one of the last few known descendants of Brahameer, whose very bloodline is capable of telepathic communication with the world around them. Whilst unable to communicate freely with Humanity, the Animal Kingdom is more willing and forthcoming.
A small settlement resides in the heart of Braevar Forest and it is within this pocket of civilization that destiny can be found. Her family bloodline has long since been forgotten in her mind, but not from those that surround her. Until one afternoon, she finds herself alone in Braevar Forest, facing her biggest fear straight on, straight into the eyes of a snarling black wolf.
It is here that new friendships are born.
What will this bring to her, and what will it mean for her community?
The road ahead is uncertain, as her life hangs in the balance of fate.
Will Destiny live to tell her story?


Cover Creation 2.3


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